Self Store Licence Agreement

Customer Details


I understand that while my goods are in storage they must be covered by a policy of insurance for their full replacement value which I declare to be:

Alternate Contact Details

All customers are required to provide an alternative contact, this should be someone who lives at a different address with a valid telephone number and email address

Access to the Unit

Only yourself and the people named below may have access to your unit

Access Hours and Charges

  • Opening hours are 09:00 to 17:30 weekdays, 08:00 until 12:00 on Saturdays.
  • You need to be offsite 30 minutes before closing.
  • If on site past the above opening hours, you will need to contact SPS security who will arrange for a patrol officer to attend site and let you exit. This is chargeable to you at minimum of £48.00
  • Three days notice is required to access wooden containers and the charge is £15 / container plus VAT.

Important Points to Note

  • I undertake to give 3 working days notice prior to vacating my unit.
  • I undertake to keep the storage unit secured at all times.
  • I confirm that I will not store any Prohibited Goods in my unit, such as explosive, perishable, stolen, harmful or illegal goods. When loading an instant access unit I am aware the vent within the unit needs to be kept clear of any obstruction.
  • I understand that payment is due on or before the first day of every month (the Due Date) and I accept your right to make additional charges, in particular for late payment and ultimately to dispose of the goods for non-payment.
  • I certify that that I am the legal owner of the goods to be stored or that I have the owner’s permission to store them.
  • I agree to advise you if any of the above information supplied changes.
  • I agree to provide photo identification.
  • I confirm that I accept the limitation of your liability as set out in clause 21 and 22.


This licence agreement is subject to the terms and conditions which you will also have been issued, along with this agreement, and by typing your name below you accept all conditions within both documents.

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