Instant Access Storage prices

Size Dimensions Prices per week (Inc VAT)
35 sqft 3'6"W x 7'5"D x 7'6"H £12.90
40 sqft 4'2"W x 7'5"D x 7'6"H £15.30
50 sqft 6'2"W x 7'5"D x 7'6"H £18.90
65 sqft  9'6"W x 7'5"D x 7'6"H £28.50
140 sqft 7'5"W x 19'2"D X 7'6"H £48.00

Our Instant access units are located outside and are a must, if you need easy and accessible storage that you want to be able to go to at any point whilst we are open.

Click HERE for more information on Instant access container units 

These can only be accessed during office hours.


Internal Storage Costs

Size Dimensions Price per week (Inc VAT)
Full Sized - 35sqft 5'2"W x 7'2"D x 8'T £9.50

Our Internal pod storage is perfect if you wish to store your items for a long term and do not need access regularly. When you want access, don't forget to call our helpful Hull Self Store Manager, Michelle; so we can get your pod ready for you to access whenever you like between the hours of 8am to 5pm.

Click HERE for more information on Internal economy storage unit 

There is an £18 Access fee with the economy storage. And for access don't to call a minimum of 3 days in advance.


Collection Costs

There are 2 options for you to choose from & all prices include VAT

      1 Pod       2 Pods
We collect for you to load from  : HU1 - HU20  £96  £159
We collect for you to load from :DN14 - DN20 & DN31 - DN 40 £116 £179

You Load : We deliver a storage pod to your front door for you to load. You have one hour to do this. This will save you the hassle of hiring a van

         1 Pod 2 Pods
We collect & load from : HU1 - HU20     £149 £199
We collect & load from :DN14 - DN20 & DN31 - DN 40     £169 £219

We Load : We send two men with the storage pod and they will load this for you directly from your house. This will remove all the physical work for you 


It is important that your goods are insured whilst they are in storage. If you do not have your own insurance then we can provide this for £1.12 per £1,000 value of the goods per week. This includes Insurance Premium Tax.

Example : If your goods are worth £3,000 it would cost you £3.36/week to provide insurance cover

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